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The Issue:


Marketing is seldom the lead function in B2B companies, and the CMO is often caught between sales, P&L management, technology leaders and the rest of the "C" suite.
The B2B CMO is inundated with recipes for success.  Help comes in many forms. Authors who want you to apply the solution from their latest book.  Many consultants want to apply what they have done at other companies to your organization.  Academics study businesses and offer processes, behaviors, and organization structures that "successful companies” employ.


The problem is that none of these really work.   Each company is different in terms of resources, competitive position, culture, technology, geographic presence, and personnel. Each issue that you face must be evaluated based on the particular situation. You apply solutions that worked in other companies at your peril.   


Authors, consultants and academics do provide a valuable service.  They provide options for you to consider. Those options need to be evaluated in light of your particular situation.   Success is when you learn what others have done, selectively apply the parts of others’ approaches that make sense, and you create or innovate the rest of the solution that you need.  


The Vision:


CMO-md is dedicated to helping B2B CMO's, and leaders in similar roles, deliver business success and achieve job longevity. It aims to identify what really works in B2B marketing. It will attempt to separate the fact from the hype and fiction. Within the constraints of a website, it will attempt to help B2B marketing leaders make better decisions.


The Approach:


Need Help?  Send me an email at:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..   I shall repond and try to help as my time permits.

Presentations Available for Download


Public Presentations

Registered site members can download public presentations made by Mark Dudzinski.   All presentations include slides and accompanying text.   The presentation text was prepared for practice sessions. During presentations he does not read the text, so the actual presentations do differ slightly from the text that included with the slides.

An example of this can be seen in the strategy presentation.   This presentation was taped and it is available for viewing. The slides and the accompanying text are also available for download.

All important points made during the presentation are included in the text.

Presentations are now available for download TO REGISTERED GUESTS.   The Strategy Video will be make available at a later date.

Strategy On Line Video

Watch Mark Dudzinski's presentation on Business Strategy.  This presentation was recorded at a company's business meeting.  It is presented in 4 parts. 


Strategy Presentation Part 1 of 4

Strategy Presentation Part 2 of 4

Strategy Presentation Part 3 of 4

Strategy Presentation Part 4 of 4