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The Issue:

In 2014, the median tenure for a “Chief Marketing Officer” at a top US brand was only 26.5 months1.  The tenure for B2C CMO’s is likely no different.  There are two driving factors:

1) Marketing is seldom the lead function in B2B companies, and the CMO is often caught between sales, P&L management, technology leaders and the rest of the "C" suite.  The new CMO is expected to drive profitable growth but lacks the organization influence to deliver measureable results.

2) The B2B marketing teams are not well prepared.  There is a lack of trained B2B marketers that have the data, analytic, and customer analysis skills that are required along with insight into the company’s specific product / services markets.

At the same time, the B2B CMO is inundated with recipes for success.  Help comes in many forms. Authors who want you to apply the solution from their latest book.  Many consultants want to apply what they have done at other companies to your organization.  Academics study businesses and offer processes, behaviors, and organization structures that "successful companies” employ.

The problem is that none of these really work.   Each company is different in terms of resources, competitive position, culture, technology, geographic presence, and personnel. Each issue that you face must be evaluated based on the particular situation. You apply solutions that worked in other companies at your peril.

 Authors, consultants and academics do provide a valuable service. They provide options for you to consider. Those options need to be evaluated in light of your particular situation. Success is when you learn what others have done, selectively apply the parts of others’ approaches that make sense, and you create rest of or innovate the solution that you need.


The Vision:

CMO-md is dedicated to helping B2B CMO's, and leaders in similar roles, deliver business success and achieve job longevity. It aims to identify what really works in B2B marketing. It will attempt to separate the fact from the hype and fiction. Within the constraints of a website, it will attempt to help B2B marketing leaders make better decisions.



1) Spencer Stuart April 2016


Mark S. Dudzinski


Mark Dudzinski retired from the General Electric Company on February 1, 2013.  Prior to retiring, he was the Chief Marketing Officer for the $45 Billion GE Energy Business that included ~ 125 operating P&Ls. His experience and expertise includes:


Over 20 years of Business to Business marketing and commercial operations experience with General Electric.  Experience includes managing strategic planning, product planning, product marketing, region marketing, vertical marketing, market development, pricing, proposal & application engineering, risk and communication organizations.


Over 25 years of Strategy Experience as a P&L and Marketing Leader.  Created and reviewed 100’s of strategic plans for business of all sizes and market positions.  Experienced creating business plans for market leading businesses, startups, businesses with small market shares and businesses requiring a turnaround.


A global marketing and business development leader that has managed staff in over 20 countries including: China, Japan, Brazil, UAE, Singapore, and India.  Previous Chairman of the International Electric Research Exchange based in Tokyo, Japan.     Lead negotiator for a $450 Million global JV with Toshiba, Japan.   He has GM experience managing US businesses for German and Italian companies.

Thought Leadership

He has been a frequent speaker on technology changes and its impact on future product evolution in addition to marketing topics  Copies of the following public presentations are available for download on CMO-md.com:  “The Economics of Green Power”, “Energy Industry 2020”, “Generation Trends”, “Innovation”, “The Future Electric Utility”, “Marketing in Developing Countries” and “Strategy”.

Business Leader

10 year of experience as a business leader with P&L responsibility for businesses up to $150 Million in sales.  This experience makes him a pragmatic marketing leader that understands the tradeoffs that P&L leaders must make.

Broad Product Experience

Product experience includes Industrial Automation, Drive Systems, Motors, Power Transmission and Distribution, Power Delivery, Controls, Power Generation and some Oil and Gas equipment.  He has experience with direct sales, distribution and representative sales models.

Previous Board Experience

Former  Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Treasurer and board member of the International Electric Research Exchange based in Tokyo, Japan.   He is a former board member of a GE-Fuji JV based in Mexico and ACCCE (American Coalition for Clean Coal Electricity).