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This presentation describes what business strategy is and why it is important for businesses to have a well-defined strategy. It gives examples of businesses that have had good and bad strategies. It also describes some of the tools that businesses can use to create their strategies.

Included in the presentation is a conceptual framework to examine strategy changes and their probability of success.

This presentation is available as a pdf download that includes slides and text. A video was made of this presentation.   A streaming version of this presentation will also be made available.


There are hundreds of books on innovation that describe the process, tools and environments that foster creativity.   This presentation speaks about innovation in industrial companies. Industrial companies do significant innovation but the innovation tends to be more evolutionary than revolutionary.

The presentation presents the sources of innovation and the probability of success for different types of innovation. The requirement for different types of personalities for successful innovation is presented. The presentation concludes with a review of areas where electric utilities are seeing significant technology and business model change.

Energy Industry 2020

What are good investments in the energy industry?  This presentation forecasts investment opportunities in the electric industry. It looks at recent technology trends and provides a snapshot of electric generation today. It then examines technologies going forward to 2020 culminating in a list of technology and business model investment areas that are likely to be successful.

Wind, solar, “Waste to Power”, and Fuel Cells are examined.  They are compared with traditional sources of power generation.  Water Scarcity is covered as a potential impact on investment choices in the future.

Marketing in Developing Countries

This presentation examines the economic trends of developing countries and covers some of the most basic aspects of marketing in the developing world.   China is considered as a separate case in this presentation with specific strategies for this important country based upon your product/service offering and the intent of the Chinese government.